Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Treasure Map

The Road to the Treasure

I am  kinda lost as to where I have been finding treasure and what has been dropped or not yet found.  So I have been trying to piece together the old memory.  ha!    My earliest dates seem to be 1988.  I have some cheater panels and two tulip quilts for my girls.

 They are made from polyester fabrics and the leaves stick out on one and the flowers on the other.  LOL  They have not survived likely because there was minimal quilting.  The girls had already left  and these were for their new beds.

I suspect I had grown weary of sewing all those rails together for rail fences and had switched to some more immediate gratification.  I think this pattern was in an early woman's magazine.

Also about that time I made my mum and dad a polyester quilt for Christmas.  It was Persian Gates and in polyester pinks and greens.  I soon gave up on polyesters!  ;^)

I wonder where the next treasure is buried?


Createology said...

I sew remember the years of polyester and sewing with my Grandma. She and I made sew many things with that new "wonder" fabric. It must have been a "fad" as I don't find much of it these days...unless I am seeking treasure in my own closets. LOL.

Threadpainter said...

ooo ... what was that stuff called ??? most everyone had a pantsuit made of it !
CRIMPOLENE !!!!! remember that stuff ? HaHa. 1960's70's ... thank goodness that stuff is long gone ;)

Jo Vandermey said...

Can you believe that someone took my lovely crimp online quilt from a park when my kids were small? It was a treasure trove of the clothes my mom made for us know kids. I miss that quilt....
Great idea to find the pictures of the things you made. Maybe I will steal this idea.....