Friday, October 29, 2010

Eggs or Else

I was already to give myself a stern talking to and promise myself that "I Will..." but then I read the next chapter. Why doesn't my NO! work? The author says will power, 'white knuckling it', doesn't work. oh, darn!

Do It Yourself doesn't work? Why? Because we DIYers want a quick fix and we want to do it by ourselves.

Poor finishers:

1) Resist structure

2) Fear success

3) Lack follow thru

4) Distractable

5) Inability to delay gratification

6) Inability to say no

I could quibble but basically this pretty much fits me. Internally I have not developed enough to keep myself focused on finishing things. awk! I really do want to grow up and be a big girl.


1) Identify- I am not strong enough to do this all by myself, but it is my responsibility to make the changes that need to be made. check

2) Allow failure- I'm immature and as I'm learning all these things I should have learned before there will be some boo boos. I won't be getting A's on everything but that's okay as long as I actually graduate from Finishing School! ;) agreed

3) Support and Perspective- There are teachers, fellow students and successful graduates available. Feedback is necessary. likely (Do you hear the 2 year old saying, "I can do it myself!) okay, okay, Yes!

Now comes the hard part. hmmmmmmmmmm Ineedsomehelp.

I've added a new section to the side bar. Eggs or Else I will list what I am committed to work on. If you could maybe ... if you'd like to check ..., I'd appreciate any... Well, you see my problem, and it is mine. But if you would take a moment to ask how I'm doing I'd appreciate it.

Down on the farm here we aren't into the production for profit too much. (understatement) But even my farmer starts to feel the drumsticks on layers who are no longer laying any eggs. So if I don't want to end up in hot water, aka- the soup pot, I need to come up with 'goods'! ;)


Createology said...

Hi elle: This is a great post with lots of "food for thought". I can relate to lots of this. Let's both get crackin!...

elle said...

Get crackin! Too cute! I'm with you, Sherry!

Teresa said...

I don't mind a few cracks in my eggs. I'll give you support, but don't expect me to harass you. Then I'd be responsible to get things done myself!