Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Red, white, and blue

And not necessarily in that order.

I did get right outside Monday morning but before I could get to the Coop to trim the shrubbery back I had to go all across the front yard and into the chicken run itself lopping, pruning, trimming and generally de-foresting. lol Stalling, that was all that was. But I did grab my broom and water hose around 4 o'clock and I got the job done. I was wetter than the shed and quite bushed but the first step was done. I even spent some time on the scrap strips for that baby quilt border. So I did sleep well in spite of all the heat in the upper storey.
I was now rolling so this morning I began to slap the primer around. I deviated a bit by doing some inside the coop because you can see in thru the door and thru the window. And slap I did. What a mess! I went for a tarp because I have a nice rustic brick path that was starting to look less than rustic. I was beginning to think I should just do white on white and rename the blog Elle in da Casa! ;-)
A lunch break and I kept on rolling. Only I didn't slap. I slowed down and was more careful. Sort of! But after about three brush stokes I got very happy. YES! This is me in da Coop! And it is gonna be a great one. It is very humid and I pushed the drying time on the primer as I got a wee bit of streaking. It is also very overcast and we are under a weather watch. Again! So we'll see if it is still blue in the morning.
To keep the chooks happy, I planted a day lily in the smaller run. It is a very orangey red. Nice but some still aren't happy. Two hens and 1 rooster insist on fleeing the coop periodically. They fly back and forth over the gate. grrr I was starting to get kinda red in the face. Partly heat and humidity but mostly irritation. They rearrange my careful mulches and flower beds. :(
Then I did get redder when I had to do some serious scrubbing to get all the paint off of me. I shoulda wore a hat and coveralls. Long sleeves always get pushed up but I even had blue paint by my, well, near my heart. 8^)
This is what I see now from my playroom. Awk! Do you see them? Pesky chickens. I'm seeing fried chicken on an upcoming menu!
I'll also be excited to see what the lime green door and trim will look like. ???


Vicki W said...

I love your new blue coop!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Love it! You are making real progress and the bench looks like it got a new coat of paint, too. I even see the bright blue through the trees.

I can't believe your yard. Mine is BROWN. Everything is brown. I would gladly take your rain, then you could keep painting.

Anonymous said...

Love the colour! It looks great from between the trees!

Unknown said...

Ele, Ele, Ele!! OMG I love these photos! We've been talking about this in email, but seeing it in pictures is FAB! Oh, I love what you're doing, what an inspiring space this is going to be!!

KatieQ said...

I love seeing the bit of bright blue peeking through the trees. The coop is going to be fabulous.