Saturday, August 7, 2010

Colour Me Happy

This is a Canadian Interior Designer who I've been following for a few months and she teaches as she blogs. I luv it. I have been encouraged that I am on the right track and I'm gathering the confidence to jump in right up to my chicken neck!

So as a result I'm finding this quilt very blah but it is intended for a conservative family and their first girl. It will meet its intention. I really dislike solid fabric borders so I hit on using up more leftover fabrics for a scrappy border. It'll work.

Then I'll do a pair for my own poor neglected grand kids. They are both be in the same room. Jungle is the theme, turquoise, lime green, yellow are the colours. So the girl will get some bright fuchsias on the front, then purple, green and yellows on the back. The boy will get the turquoise, yellow, and green on the back and bright blues on the front. I have my hand dyes for the fronts and I'll grab a strip of the print for some accents. I'm kinda excited about these.
And FYI I do believe there are a few wild cows running around in the jungle. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I also could not find a bright jungle theme for animals to suit my needs.

Monday morning I'm shaking up the paint cans and come rain, shine, or mosquitoes, I'm painting the coop.

Then I'm moving towards the painted furniture list in the house.

Today I'm rotating around the grass and figuring where to put 2 bright red rose and 1 yellow green elder (shrub) which is as close to a Japanese Maple as I'm ever going to get. I got 4 rhubarb but I know where they are going. The golden cut leaf elder needs hot and dry and that has me revising the original plan. Yay, I actually am learning from the gazillion mistakes I have buried away in this yard. 8^) Now I need to learn to stay away from those 'come take me home' places. They are as bad as fabric shops!


Createology said...

Well I don't know where my comment just dissapeared but it did. You are one very busy lady in da coop Miss elle. I hope your weather is perfect for your painting project. Love the bright cheery fun fabrics for your next quilts. Happy creating...

Twisted Quilts said...

I went to the blog and I like her ideas on color. I try to stretch myself when it comes to color combinations. I agree a scrappy border would look great.

Maria Killam said...

Hey thanks for the mention, love your post!

KatieQ said...

No self respecting jungle should be without a cow.