Monday, August 9, 2010

Making Hay while the sun shines...

Finally we are off and running. Well, my farmer is. My lawnmower broke a belt and it isn't a good time to ask for a repair! ;^) The grandson got a few rounds with his Grand Farmer.
Raking the cut swaths together is a fun and fast jobs for new young farmers!

So while the hay is growing on my lawn I worked a bit on the beds. This morning there is a fog and the humidex readings are gonna be up there.

The focus for the week is PAINT. There are a few secondary things that I can possibly incorporate or slot in as alternatives should the weather predictions prove true.

I shall be plunking the new shrubs in first thing and checking out the shade available at the coop. I need to sort old/new, clean/unreadable, outside/inside paint cans and a jumbled box of supplies which is part of the secondary 'clean the basement' job. I need to just start. What is it about new projects that makes me hesitate? ss (slight smile) I seem to have no problem leaping into new quilt ideas and slashing up perfectly good yardage into slivers to do it! LOL Another secondary job is the baby quilts and I had no problem starting the 2 extra ones!

It is only paint, it is Only paint, it is only Paint. And washable at that!


Createology said...

Maybe it is the size of the painting job as to why you hesitate. How adorable your grandson is pictured here in the field! Happy painting...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Not sure what happened, but my last message was deleted (somehow by me). You know that if you don't like the paint color, you can always paint over it. It's not like fabric that can be cut too small, or sewn wrong (OK, that's me, not you), but you get the idea. It's only paint. If I lived closer, I would be there in a heartbeat and have it painted for you. Then you could repaint it at your leisure (grin).

Love your lawnmower. Your grandson looks like he's taking his farming responsibilities to heart, too. This is a darling photo.

Speaking of photos, I expect to see some of the supplies in the second photo actually being USED sometime this week. Have I properly motivated you? NO??? Shucks!