Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Living a colourful life

While I was visiting Live a Colorful Life this week, Cindy posted My week in color. I had an Aha! Moment. I do know the value of colour coding things. I luv coloured files and when I'm looking for something I'm seeing the coloured folder. I have a main colour for say, Yard - green. Then in that large file I have red for flowers, yellow for ideas, white for hardscape, green for shrubs/trees, blue for shade, etc. All my categories are colourized. But I never thought about the days of the week.

In my ongoing battle to simplify my life I am trying to eliminate lots of paper clutter. It is hard, I luv playing secretary and I have this compulsion to write notes, ideas, phone numbers, anything onto pads, papers, notebooks and so on. LOL But while it makes sense when I file it, it eludes me when I need it. Even with colouring. VBSigh. I've now learned that there are pilers and filers and I suspect I'm a piler. 8>) So I'm trying to eliminate all the pretty but messy file folders which in my creative dash after a good idea never quite get put back in the file drawer. I am now trying files on the computer. And when I shut the computer down for the night the files are filed whether I want them to or not! I am also realizing I am an 'all in or all out' kind of gal so Monday quilting, Tuesday mixed media, Wednesday... just doesn't work for me. When I make a mess, it needs to be for the whole darn week. But I need Focus. I need motivation. So I need to colour my days!

I need to get back to messing with the paint. The coop needs the lime green trim. I'll pick it up on my errands presently. The home deco paint projects need completing before I forget what the plan is. If I can identify what my colour days are and use that motivation to keep moving on the main focus I just may get something finished. Triple F- Focus, Fiddle, Finish

And I'm not even going to wait for the beginning of the week. Stand by for Hump Day!

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