Monday, September 14, 2009

Been there, done that! Next?

Art Show is over. Rodeo is rounded up. Raffle winners notified and I wasn't one of the notifiees. Pickles aging. Errands eradicated. Photos taken. Now I have USB cable issues. I've been peeking into files I probably shouldn't have been peeking into but it says it doesn't recognize the end of the cord. :( It recommends I do an upgrade. Microsoft figures 19 hours 17 minutes at my dial up speed so... I'm game to enter the download. I'll be totally miffed if it doesn't reconcile my computer with my new camera. I also suspect that I will be downloading only so it'll be soyanara, arividerci, and auf veiderzien for a while. ( sp is ???) But I need to forget the plan of 'a little of everything' and totally spray myself with mosquito spray and fixate on the flower beds while the sun is shining and the getting is good. Fall is falling, not to mention rain which has been a very regular occurrence this year to the point where people are getting grouchy. To cut some slack, two years of 'no go' and the farmers/ranchers are getting discouraged. I am so glad I can be happy inside or outside. Lots to do but when the weather begins to affect the health of the livestock and cuts into the bottom line then I guess life can enter an whole new dimension.
Today is quilting. My mind will be on garden design but I may get to thumb a few pages in the current quilt magazine at the end of the day but it is doubtful I'll have any left over energy.

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