Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A new perspective

This view is seen from the coop door. The chicken run is to the right of the brick walk. That Faerie Place is to the left. The grassy strip straight ahead separates the garden boxes (my attempt at a parterre) and the dry creek bed which will be the west boundary of the house yard.
No plan yesterday. I just grabbed the wheel barrow but instead of starting at the house as usual, I headed west. I need to get creative. No more bigger and better. The plan needs to be smaller and simpler. I have grass down to one day; now I need the flower beds to be one day. The new fence will help with both as the sheep will graze more yard grass and this boundary will be a low maintenance area, kinda nature/wild. I had let the chickens out in the shadey Faerie Place. They did some of my weeding but things are seriously disheveled. The big plants can take a bit of that but the small and sickly keel right over when the chicken feet start excavating. They are back in their fence and I pitch weeds in for them. The ducks have big fat feet but they only trample a bit and actually do very little damage. So their gate is pretty much open. They're a shy bunch and head for the bush at the slightest bit of intrusion into their space.
It feels good to have got all around the back yard. I'll be seeing what I can do to fill in the spots that the weeds like to claim. I have found a more local garden web page and perhaps I can find some hardy, low maintenance, plants. Then I'll need to see how creativity and low maintenance work together.

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Unknown said...

Such a beautiful property you have, elle, it must be really inspiring for you to wander around puttering. :D