Monday, September 7, 2009

Do the next thing first!

Whoah! Things have turned hot, summery and busy. The new plant purchases are not all in the ground but they are in their spots. The ducks are trying out a new pond arrangement. The fall rye has been swathed and my farmer did NOT get stuck! Yay!!! We had sun warmed cucumbers and tomatoes. Not sure that we'll have a prolific yield but we can have sandwiches and salads. Finally! The quilt is under the sewing machine, the fabric purchases are ready for the washing machine, a new mixed media art book has been ordered and a supply list is in the making. Paint chips are laying about waiting for the final decision. The remains of the doll and teddy bear tea party suggest that a good time was had by all and the china seems to be accounted for! I did have to give 'Steffy' a few strokes with the ol' hair brush to restore her to her usual prim status! 8^) The downer is the camera had gone into shy mode and had been refusing to show pictures but now is refusing to even take them so I've missed some good photo ops and another thing has been added to the errand list. This has certainly been a labour day weekend to beat them all! And it isn't over yet.

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