Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Marching on

I had a wonderful four days away that nourishes the best part of me, my spiritual self. Regardless of the weather the Son shines warmly.
Time away helps redefine priorities. I've been pleased with my progress so far as I find better ways to get things done and even identify what exactly needs doing. I need to watch my on line time but it has been improving as I find what wastes time and what motivates.
I think the best indication is the playroom itself. I'm keeping it in better order. I have one major pile that avalanches every once in a while and I'll be dealing with it soon. But it doesn't take two full days to start anything new.
The whole idea of Fives is serving me well. Five per year, 5 per month, five per week and 5 per day. I'm especially doing the daily and need to keep the others up front so I have a good reminder.
I'm happy to be marching to the beat of a 5 step drummer and I'm keeping an eye on the icy patches.

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Anonymous said...

Please enlarge on the rule of 5's I'm not familiar with it.