Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The problem with black

This bead project requires ribbon elastic.  The only colour we had was black.  The knots aren't quite hidden and now we will take this week to come up with a creative solution to hide the knots.  The design calls for 5 strands to circle and hold the larger strands together.  But they need to stay in the area of the knots.  It is very pretty though.  Not bad for $1.50 bargain store beads and we have loads left over.

Two heads are better than one and if the picture taker adds her grey matter to the mix we'll be able to problem solve wonderfully.  lol

Another problem is my big guard dog has just been making a racket outside the window.  He doesn't like the big black crow that is up in the tree by the chicken coop.  This one is after the eggs the chickens are laying right in the coop.  It'll fly down and go through their little doorway, bully the hens away, grab an egg from the nests and fly away with it in its mouth.  They hunt in pairs and the lookout will be on the job. Just opening the window for my photo opportunity was enough noise for it to leave.  Darn. 


Mary Ann Tate said...

The braclet is very pretty. Can you wind embroidery floss around the black bits and kinda glue it in place?

Createology said...

Line up the knots and place a drop of glue along with a pretty in pink ribbon and tie a bow. You have probably seen these bracelets in the stores. The bow will help hide the black knots and add just a touch of feminine bling. Your beading looks like you are having some great fun. Big Bad Crow...he does not need your eggs.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Sweet bracelets...I like the pink bow idea above. That sounds like the perfect feminine finish!