Monday, September 29, 2014

Reflections: The first day of the rest of my life

 We just finished having a little reunion here at the coop.  Four out of the five kids were able to come home. 

DD#1, who blesses this blog with pertinent comments that keep me from exaggerating too much, arrived on the Canadian from out west. 

DGD#1 asked me privately why she couldn't go back on the train with her very favourite aunt.  ;^)

DS # 2 and his wife arrived from Seattle by car.  If the Rooster and I can ever get to the coast they'll be happy to 'ferry' us around.  :O   DS#3 and his gal had a short walk to meet us as they call Winnipeg home.

The Rooster and a couple of wee grand kiddies got the new Ikea island and stools put together 'just' before everyone arrived.
Lots of late night meetings and early morning planning sessions were the order of the day.  Laur's jams were dispersed somewhat fairly!   shhh!

A few work parties as well!

The 'art' department was responsible for decorations for the welcome party.  The grand kiddies and I made banners and a tree.  I actually impressed myself with that tree!!!  DD#2 had the kiddies make 'turkey' cookies for the fall theme and they were a big hit as well.  Sorry, nothing left but the crumbs!

 DD#2 likes coordinating family pictures.

Of course getting them all NICELY in the same picture is a bit of a challenge.

This family is all about gathering around a table and food.  With the right incentive some of them will play games.   Since favourite auntie sent it...

Of course, computer games add an whole 'nother dimension. 

We also had less formal dinners.  The weather was perfect for this day.

Our falls are pretty brief as far as colour goes, but the fall flowers and leaves have been especially intense this year.
 A last minute luncheon date for the sisters. Guess who babysat the grand kiddies???  ;^)
 Laura and Cari are a year apart and then followed Michael Charles, Christopher and then Steven.

Some last minute tips on traveling through life...

and we are back to our regular schedule of fall events and getting ready for the next season.

Two weeks of intense family time has surely shaken up the rut I somehow found myself in these past few months.  With a serious nudge from the Rooster I am flying the coop.  :O

I've always been a stay at home mum and homemaker.  Luved it!  I turned 65 this summer and instead of retiring (ha!) I have gotten a job.  I start tomorrow.    It'll be three days a week, not including meetings.   I do expect to still have time to reflect on my life through blogging. 

Ready or not,  it is time to spread those wings.  First one I shall dive bomb will be the Rooster!  ;^) 


Mary Ann Tate said...

You have a lovely family:) I can't believe you have a job though. Good for you!

Threadpainter said...

Great peek at your reunion !
Looks like a good time was had by all !
Congrats on your new job ... WOW !
Hope you still have time to amuse us all here in blogland !

HollyM said...

I'm amazed! You're going to work! Please can you tell what the job is? What a new beginning that will be for you. Good thing you had your visit before you start.

Createology said...

I have missed you my friend. Such a wonderful family and being able to spend time together making memories...priceless. What? A job? I do hope it will be something very rewarding and fun for you. Blessings and Family Bliss Dear...

Margaret said...

Great to hear from you but...a job? Well I have one in my day a week plus the odd weekend for a show (or two) and extra days for "the lucrative gift-giving season" but...3 days? Hope it fuels your muse!


Vicki W said...

It looks like everyone had a fabulous time! It's so nice when the whole family can be together. Enjoy the new job!

What Comes Next? said...

o what fun! Your reunion looks like it was a wonderful time! And now look at you - good luck with the new job!

Gina said...

Looks like a busy and fun reunion. Congratulations on your new job! Good luck and have fun with it; looking forward to some job-musings.