Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What's next?

We had a great weekend away.  I was hoping the trees would be leafing out when we returned.  Not quite but  I did catch a splash of yellow as we drove in the yard.

I keep forgetting that once upon a time I wanted a woodland walk and I planted some miniature daffodils.   They are small but gosh, hardy.  They have survived.  Now the woodland walk is limited to keeping the path clear as the poison ivy is just awful.  :(

But the entrance arbor could use some of the Rooster's attention.  I don't need to actually wait for him to begin and  he does have our evenings set aside for yard work.  While the sun has been hiding lately we are called Sunny Manitoba and that means long days of sunlight so the evenings provide a lot of opportunity for my working man.

The kitchen is still on the to-do list and most of it comes from Ikea.  I have been looking with longing at this chair for years and when it hit the last chance list I convinced he who keeps the budget that all his frugality on the trip surely indicated we were meant to drive in and wrestle it home.  oooh!  It is so perfect.  Now I can settle on the paint colour for our bedroom and plan some quilts and pillows!  :)  And the curtain material I got  stole from the thrift shop looks just about perfect, too.

Same day my package from Paper Artsy popped into the mailbox.  Literally, as the wee package just fit into our rural mail box compartment.  But boy, it has lots of goodies.  Again I have been longing for the chalky effect that these paints produce.  It also seems that flowers are coming up in a big way!

The Rooster is learning we just can't drive by Michaels!  I got some beading twine for my budding jewellery maker.   The plastic envelopes I had for the grand kiddies to put their supplies in burst their zippers so now it'll be be this much and no more with the new plastic carry alls!  :(  We'll do a quick art journal technique with tags this week, hand out some inspiration pages for May,  and plan the summer to-do list as art goes all year.  While we were away our lunch came with printed deli paper.    I wiped all the Rooster's mustard and mayo off and folded them nicely into my purse!  

So I have lots of options and while I clean up and put away the suitcase I shall be deciding which project will be the first one to jump into spring with!  Whoo hoo!  The sun is smiling hugely and I have a great bouquet of ideas to lift up and sniff appreciatively!   :)


Jo Vandermey said...

What fun you are going to have with all your goodies! Love you new chair. Looks comfy and cosy!
Yuck to poison ivy. I would have it just by looking at it!

Beth said...

nice chair. I was on my was to IKEA to buy an Ektorp chair but I broke mt should the night before. SO SAD (smile)