Friday, June 30, 2017

Embracing white and red

I have just had an amazing week.  No! No news on the housing front.  I am reconciling to another winter here.  But...

Before I reconciled that,  I consoled myself with playing around with OOTD's which are outfits of the day.  In my case that is pretty casual..  I wore a comfy outfit all day and when I went to post it to the 40+ style club  private FB page I realized I hadn't felt uplifted.  Hmm, why not?  My conclusion was that it was primarily a warm palette and I am a cool winter.   What we wear does affect how we feel.  You know the motto- Dress for Success!  Then I got to making my ootd's in neutrals.  Stone/beige is tricky.  All white is a stretch for this messy gal.   But greys ...

This could be my look!  Now to add some colour, but not piles as too much colour seems to overwhelm me.

Here are the details I posted:

#ellenpukalo #hourglass
Ready or not! Momentous week. OOTD had me working with neutrals. Colour I have a handle on. Contrast I get, sort of. Value even in quilting is my struggle. So low value contrast causes me angst! Ditched all black. Not too smart because I just eliminated a lovely distinguishing line. edgy, Tracy? Light neutrals and a hint of soft femininity, Sally. ( 'member I wanna be sweet). Guess that means I load up on white cause beige is tricky for me since I am reconciled to not being a warm winter. lol So what cubby hole did I stash all the tints in? grey- silver and all the lovely other light to medium greys. duh!
My style as it continues to evolve: A- amiable, red is one of the colours that draws people in.(learned that in public speaking) Full out red and white is more contrast than I want/need. Therefore, A- is for accessories! A little dab will do you! And they don't have to scream like a scarlet letter. oye! red running shoes, Autumn ;) B- backgrounds, my light and going to be versatile and interesting neutrals! yay! C- creativity shown with accessories on my background canvas (note the c) and my soon to be revived sewing skills! (help Deborah)
Hope I am not unrealistically optimistic (tis my nature/style) but I have managed this month to somewhat gather and corral all the galloping and wildly plunging ponies in my personal style stable and head through the colour gate for July! whoo hoo Ruth Essex   Gosh, Canada has a birthday and EVERYTHING is red and white especially this weekend! ha, I'll be right in style.
I have included my neutrals in the comments. Note this isn't so much about styling- just figuring my backdrop. Get out your red pencils all you 40+ers!

And then these were the various options:
This is what I would hope is more stone than that common pink beige. Even with some accessorizing with colour it is pretty blah.

actually I'm a bit stumped to accessorize.

ivory? not so hot, how about we call it a tint of hopefully clear cool yellow. I was hoping anyway!

a little edge? A lot of creativity. I did make the tote.

So the 'best' ??? for last. white, black, grey This is where I learned black with white spots is very different from white with black spots!

Hitting my stride!

I had this fabric in my considerable stash and thought hmmm.  Not flowers.  I am not a floral person and turns out flowers/prints relate best on gals with lots of highlights (texture to their hair).  I am light and sleek.  I hadn't known that but I have never been much for prints, especially small prints.  This fabric shows lots of colour tint options and some edgy X's to bump things up from blah.

Then I went to have my shower and now the whole FB site knows I posted in my jammies!  lol 

I just LUV, LUV, LUV! my IKEA shower curtain.  Lots of white, some smooshy, watercoloury, tints that are a light/medium value, and that lovely black line!  BINGO!

 The topic for 40plusstyle club in July is colour and I must admit that Ruth Essex has so changed my perceptions with her insight into the looks we put up on the site.  She tells us why or why not it works.  So helpful and now she is doing the master class for this month.  Here is a video I snagged to show you why I think July is gonna be a red letter month!  If this link doesn't work it can be viewed on the public FB page-

S0...  OOTD and accessorizing. I need a red statement necklace.   Actually, I am pretty pumped.  Home decor, personal clothing style and a focus for my fibre arts and even my jewelry making justification (all those beads but no big red ones) is all starting to make sense.  I'm a little bit, well, maybe a lot, ADD when it comes to colours and style so all this understanding could be a good anchor.    Looks like I really have something to celebrate!


Createology said...

YAY elle!!! You look so good and happy wih your new colors and free style. I think you have taken a leap back in age years to your younger self! I personally love greys and they are much softer than blacks which can be harsh. But then I am classic Summer and love bright pinks, corals, blue reds and all blues!!! Happy to see you are heading into July with smiles and Bliss...<3

Frances Arnold said...

It so fun to see your choices and to know why you picked them!! I tend toward black and white with color splashes. My standard travel ensemble is a black jersey skirt (I have 4 of them) and a bright colored shirt. Happy July!!!

Beth said...

You are really having fun with your wardrobe. I wear yoga pants and "Goodwill" men's shirts.

Beth said...

BTW, why did I think you sold your farm?

UplayOnline said...

Happy to see you are heading into July with smiles and Bliss...<3