Sunday, September 13, 2020

Garden Party


After a bit of rescheduling, a long awaited trip for a lunch and garden tour with my grand young ladies.

My history with Pineridge Hollow goes back a couple of decades when the owner had a wee house on the end of her driveway filled with collectables.  I plopped the kids in the sandbox and explore nooks and corners filled with interesting accessories.  A much bigger 'house' was moved down the road and business has boomed.

A lovely setting.  The day was not terribly warm but comfortable for walking about and the grounds were not terribly full of people.

We were a bit early and had time to explore the 'nooks and crannies'!

Lunch was a lovely experience.  Very tasty.

The menu offers fresh produce from the grounds.  I saw some plucking apples from a tree.

The girls had spied the animals from the window view and we were off!


These two are animal luvers.


But we all agreed that the grounds were lovely.  The season is about done but still...


The property hosts all kinds of gatherings from Farmer's Markets to weddings.

And a little souvenir to remind me of a lovely time with my two little garden party birdies

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