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On the day I found myself 60+ I decided it was time to cash in all my 'roundtoits'! Time to do what is important. And home is important to me. It defines who I am, what I do, when I'm available, where I come from and where I'm going, how I do what I do and why I BE. I want to express that in my quilting, my gardening, my words, my crafting and in my home. I believe that there is an innate desire to create in every human being. It is a gift we can share. Home is where I make happy noises, where my feet return, my hands serve and my head nods. I want to continue to grow and learn; to explore design principles and the ways and means of creativity. Why a coop? My feet are firmly planted in an rural setting. Chickens and the chicken coop have been a mainstay. The coop has been moved 3 times but the rooster still crows. His old biddy is a little birdbrained, loses feathers, often her comb but has managed to escape the soup pot. The chicks have flown the coop which leaves even more time to hunt,peck and scurry around. Hopefully I've laid most of my eggs by now, but there is always the hope of the golden one. I hope you'll join me in my search for it.
 Dec. 2014
Five years of blogging now and I'm a believer!  I believe I'm finding my artistic voice.  It might be time to write that artist' statement!  ;^)

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