Monday, April 16, 2012

altering books Lesson Five

Elizabeth has packed lots of design principles into this lesson.  I'm going to be hard pressed to come up with classy pages! 

She is right.  There is much to learn about the various aspects of design and various schools of thought.

This lesson focuses on HUB and Ps.

Harmony, Unity, Balance with  Proportion and emphasiS

With harmony everything should get along:

With unity all should at least be marching in step.

Balance keeps the main character form tipping over and off the page.

Proportion seems harder to define but emphasis means focal point to my way of thinking.

This is my Harmony exercise.

I was really on a roll with Unity and it was my AHA moment. 

 Balance was pretty much a copy from a google search.  I prefer asymmetrical balance so that takes a bit more understanding.

Proportion  is also defined with the Fibonacci Ratio which intrigues me.  I was fortunate to be on an appropriate part of Gulliver's Travels in my technique book which is where I am doing my exercises before trying them in my theme book.

Emphasis is fairly easy to my way of thinking.

Hopefully this has H U B and Ps  (harmony, unity, balance and some proportion and emphasis)

My theme book is trees/leaves and is a Snoopy and the gang  thin encyclopedia:



Balance on the left and then Proportion top and emphasis bottom.

I don't quite consider these finished as obviously we have only begun the lessons so I'm anticipating coming back and revisiting these as my capabilities increase.  I also counted future  lessons and available pages and I'll be returning to some of these and combining a few lessons.  This has been such a great learning class.  Much thanks to Elizabeth.  I'll be linking up to some other student's work.


Karen said...

hahaha I just have to mention the hens...they are hilarious my lovely!!!! I am really liking your interpretations on your pages, lovely book so far x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I like how you learned these principles from the chicks, then carried them to your journal, then your AB. Snoopy and the gang never looked better, or more integrated into the artwork on your pages.

And yes, I really, really love that "thing," sorry I can't remember or don't know what it is called that has all the dye colors on it. It's on the far right side of Unity. Nicely done demonstrating these various principles.

SandeeNC said...

WOW, Ellen, you combined lessons with illustrated lessons! I am very impressed at the depth that you took this too. You are doing a fabulous job, and I am like you, needing to combine some lessons together so I will have enough room in my book! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

BJ said...

Love the way you have used colour and shapes to explain the design principles. BJ

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Elle, your chicky explanations were so much fun! You are so ambitious to do a dry run in your journal and then in your AB! I really like how you combined principles and how the two pages equal another principle.

Margaret Applin said...

Elle, it sounds like you are about to teach your own workshop!!!! I know who to come to for all my questions!

Createology said...

Elle I am truly enjoying your analogies. You really do have a wonderful way of putting your lessons to work for you and building great pages. Happy journaling my dear...

fairy thoughts said...

Love the chickens, they really sum up everything Elizabeth was teaching us. Your pages are great too, especially the snoopy one. As for re- visiting a page I guess that is the whole point of the lessons ... we dont have to finish it all at once.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

WOW lady! You know how to illustrate a point! You have done a wonderful job of simplifying difficult concepts with chickens, humor and clarity!

Terrie said...

Wow - you really explored all the design elements well. Love the chicken illustrations! Love seeing the progress on your book.....visiting from Elizabeth's

Mary Ann Tate said...

Love what you are doing Elle. It's a very interesting exercise that I am trying to resist:) Though it would be good to have something to do in the evenings as TV stinks these days.

Jacqueline said...

Oh ! You have some stunning pages !! I just adore that rages"kiss" spread! Its gorgeous!

Laughing at those hens.... Kinda put me in mind of me and my teenager!!!! *sighs*

Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog.

Take care

Jackie x