Monday, April 23, 2012

Its a Monday

The weekend is over and most of the toys are put away.  Mind you, they do seem to like my playroom and my toys more than theirs.   lol

I did get a bit of time to glue and stamp in my journal.  This present AB class is continuing the design elements.

I tried to illustrate Rhythm which is repeating patterns.  So one side is obvious pattern of the square shape with a few colours.  The right side pattern is time which definitely has a rhythm to it.

This is movement which isn't just swirls. Motion is shown in a couple dancing,  music,  a stairway, or a scene that carries the eye about the page or canvas.  I want to explore this more this week.

But then I headed back to Rhythm and pattern. Really fascinating!

And speaking of...        I better get ready for beading!


Createology said...

Staying in rhythm is not easy as life seems to make us offbeat at times. Blissful beading today...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I really like the big splash you got with your movement. Great way to show it. And I loved the calendar pages from the previous post. Wish I could think of things to color my calendar with. I have trouble just writing a few words. Yours is amazing. And, keep up the awesome work in your AB, too. And of course, take time to bead!