Friday, April 13, 2012

Somethings gotta give

Too Much FUN!

Life is very good.  I'm thinking I need more hours in the day to do all I want to do. 
Friday the 13th has no  ill effects here.  Each day is a good day!

I'm up when the Rooster crows and I'm reluctant to turn in when he stands in the playroom door flapping his feathers at the clock! lol

Making marks is so much fun I'm having a hard time to settle down to sewing!

I did resolve the colours on the wedding quilt.  I'm thinking I like the lighter fabric better than the mauve so that was good that I didn't just rush to sew things.

I'm working on design principles in my techniques and trials journal. 

Then I get to play in my leaf themed journal.

The daily calender square is a delight.  I'm borrowing some ideas and experimenting with my own.

But now the reality is that I'm having an invasion of the dust bunnies.  I need to tell them that Easter was last weekend!  I'm also hoping that the vacuum is the only thing I need to drive today as I've been out just about everyday this week.  Wait until I tell the Rooster that making art saves on the gas bill!!! 
shhh, going to the city for supplies doesn't count.  ;^)


Judy said...

I'm with you-if only we didn't have to sleep at night! We could work on fiber art around the clock ;-)
Enjoy your journaling,

HollyM said...

Well, you've managed some creative time even though you've been on the road. I like your logic for saving gas. We won't mention what we spend on supplies!

Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

Making art grows the dust bunnies, is that what I'm hearing?! Ahhh... how true! Glad to read your excitement, and sounds like you're having fun, and hey, what a great advertisement for art - saving gas! so true! I like it!

Margaret Applin said...

How do you like the calendar journaling? I love that format but don't think I would get into drawing so small. Give those bunnies a gentle push (I'm getting a vision of little pink fluffy bunnies hopping away out into the green grass.)LOL

Mary Ann said...

My husband recently bought me a new vacuum far only he has used it:)