Thursday, April 26, 2012


My Gulliver's Travels altered book is getting lots of technique pages.  Contrast fits the theme of the book just fine.  He is a giant among Lilliputians and then just the opposite, minuscule,  when he finds himself in the land of Brobdingnag.  I do find the research for design elements way more fascinating than this 'classic'.

Contrast is "the difference in visual properties that makes an object (or its representation of an image) distinguishable from other objects." 
It is the root of pretty much everything!

I've had an aha! moment in altered book making. :)   I've had an aha! moment in beading/jewelry making  .:)
I have NOT had an aha! in fibre arts.  :( 
The contrast is very evident. My challenge is now even MORE challenging.  YUK!

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Createology said...

Elle you are having a wonderful week of AHA moments and that is so refreshing to be getting clarity on things you are doing. Your contrasts are looking really good. How fun to be working in your altered books. Blissful AHA moments...