Tuesday, April 24, 2012


And we are indeed jumping!  By the time we got all the charms on, the jump rings attached and the head pins figured we were ecstatic.  Now we just need to finetune our abilities.

We started out kinda shaky.

Then we figured out the best way to open and close these jump rings.  A twist away to open and then a twist towards to close.  Easy Peasey.  

Its all in the wrist!  LOL

             Now the first ones are not as well done as the last but we are just tickled that we actually have                                                                   a charm bracelet. 

We did add a bit of ribbon to the polymer clay pendant.  Our assistant attached the teeny little clasps.  We should look for bigger ones but this is a bit more elegant than a big knot.

We are now understanding better what we are doing. LOL  It has taken a few lessons that involved flying by the seat of our pants.  We will be looking for supplies and 'goodies' now that we have this better understanding.  It'll be up, up, and away from here on.  8^)


Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

Leave it to you to JUMP in with both feet or shall we say, hands? How charming! Fun! And perfectly delightful!

Mary Ann said...

It looks wonderful. It's those "the tricks of the trade" that have to be figured out sometimes the hard way:)

HollyM said...

How very pretty!!You're into everything!

Margaret Applin said...

I LOVE THAT BRACELET!!! Pink is my favorite color!!!! It came out great!

Createology said...

Jumpin Jumprings! You have it done and the charm bracelet looks wonderful. No matter how long I have been beading and making jewelry there is always room for learning and improvement in my skills. The ribbon adds just the right touch to the clay pendant and the finishing findings really are much nicer than a knot. Well done my dear...