Friday, May 24, 2013

Green with a dash of yellow!

The green juice is having the desired effect.  My motor is revving nicely. 

I am trying to smell the flowers but I'm mostly limited to the dandelions at the moment!

Eliana has been visiting and we started out this morning in my clean studio.  She had options but painting is the favourite thing to do.

We did  spend some time weeding.  Eliana  was in charge of the telling the big chickens to stay inside the gate when I brought the weeds.  We have two roosters and one is The Boss and the other flies over the fence when things are looking green as in 'jealousy'.

Then we went to pick up this year's chicks

The meat birds will be brown birds so the chicks are various colourings.

The future layers are yellow and will be white.

Little chicks!  It is good to take time to smell the flowers and cuddle the chicks! :)


Createology said...

Sounds like a perfectly great way to spend a day...just like real life. Cute little chickies...

Margaret said...

Agreed. :-) You're 'living green' indeed. Don't name the chicks!

Margaret Applin said...

Glad you are feeling better!!! Gosh those chicks are adorable!!!

Carli The Quilter said...

so cute, we're not doing chickens this year, just toooo busy this year! Love to see your various projects and spring has finally arrived for you!