Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hold that tape!

I forgot to measure!

I forgot a number of things.  :( 

I forgot that we are approaching the longest day of the year and early morning light for photos doesn't happen till late in the morning.

I forgot to read the directions for changing the sole plate on my walking foot and the Rooster doesn't think this is something he can fix for me.

The curtain material for the sitting room window is lovely. And very slippery!  :(  I decided to practice on the extra fabric I'd bought which turned out to be the wrong colour.  I thought I could make new curtains for the Coop and Saucer Playroom.  Not full enough and if I had measured before I cut I'd maybe have had enough for two.  :(  I tried the old sitting room curtains and there is a whole lot more curtain than I need.

I might have to forget my dentist appointment because the Rooster phoned me after he got to work to say that I shouldn't try until he gets the man to clear the driveway.  It is blowing very solid bars of snow across the long driveway and he barely made it out.    I did find the snow heavy wading when I did my the chickens yesterday. 

I'm taking the measure of the day.


Leanne said...

Oh Elle, there are so many things you remember, I hope a few distracted moments will not wreck your day. Too bad about the snowy driveway, but maybe you will have a nice day at home.

Createology said...

I do hope you stay indoors and skip the slip of snow. All your measuring reminds me of Mr. C's ruler I hate. He rolls it out to about 80 inches and shows me where we each are...he at 70. Then reminds me how little we have left so we need to enjoy every day! I don't need a visual to realize I am old!!! This is a good day to PLAY!