Monday, December 2, 2013

In the mood to hop

And I will be hopping this week!  The grand kiddies stayed over and I shall return them tomorrow.  They keep me hopping!

I found these images in a shoe catalogue and they will make great masks for an art journal!

The Rooster has been waving a red flag in front of me.  He says I have too much on my list and I'll be stressed for the holidays.  hmm. That kind of talking makes me think, "I'll show you!".  :O  But I am getting wiser.  The basement needs a bit more fine tuning.  The bathroom has a couple of serious fixes.  And then there is the kitchen.  I will NOT see red. lol  So I will only clean the closet in the bathroom and wash things down well.  That'll be this week. Then I must really paint the kitchen.  I shall be doing that next week. Then there are the odds and ends for the last week. ;)   I'm willing to add a few skips to my hop but I can't waste a good and major deadline! ;)

So,  I shall be doing some playful hops as the week start, then I shall do some large leaps on my to-do list and I shall end the week with a REAL Blog Hop that Vicki at Field Trips in Fibre has organized for the first three Fridays in December.  Check it out.  It is not too late to join the Hop which all about real studios as works in progress. 

Time to hop to it!!!


Createology said...

Oh how I am every direction just like you. I just don't seem to be getting much done. Steady the course and onward I shall continue. Check off those items on your list Elle Dear...Your Rooster will be crowing with delight!

Margaret said...

I need that bunny's ski -- maybe a pair -- in this weather! However, given the wind chill, I think I'll just hop down the hall to the Sewdio and get quiltin'!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

You sound way too "hoppy" about all the projects facing you! You must have decided to take smaller bites out of big projects! I'm anxious to see the completed kitchen.