Friday, November 29, 2013

And the score is...

hhmm.  You wanna know something.  I am no good at math and I NEVER keep score in a game or in life.  I am not one of those who shall remain nameless (Cock a doodle do nor first peep peep) who obliterate the accomplished item from not only the initial page but the impression three pages down.  LOL 
I do not count stitches, yardage, hours or finished projects.  And if I am now forced to carry a list to town it is usually to check to confirm I missed a few things when I return home.  ;)

The seasonal accessories are all under their covers.  My stuff is pretty much done except for the paint cans.  I'm waiting on the Rooster to figure out how he wants his spices arranged in the pantry.  :O  Then we'll tackle the tools and paint. I may have some paint for that far back corner which will have a clothes bar set up when the boxes for the kitchen remodel leave.  Feels good.  Move ahead five free jumps!

I did a deep clean  of the upstairs and found some missing fabrics for my wall hanging. I'm think I'm at the miss a turn stage of the game with it as I think and then decide about stenciling or stamping any leaves on it.

If the name of the game is fun, I am advocating this sticky back foam for stamps.  LUV it!  This technique just skips me right into the final round with confidence that I'm a contender for the prize.  :)

I am feeling my points adding up in my copycat journal. Unlike solitaire this involves watching the other player's moves and then that  makes you think about your next move.  Its good.

The year long monthly technique class from Julie Balzer is really helping me understand how to do things.  I signed up for the 12 months of classes and I am definitely getting my moneys worth.

I can have a leisurely play time this evening with my scrapbook layout and reflect on a score that reveals that this week's work was fun indeed!


Margaret said...

For someone who doesn't keep track, I'd say you've a great list of accomplishments goin' there, ell! :-) And I love that fabric you used for curtaining off your storage!

Createology said...

What a fun and entertaining post Elle Dear. Love the cupboard curtains you made. You must feel very good with such accomplishments. Your leaf stencils and journal pages are wonderful. Playing is really showing well. Keep on my friend...

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Stamping your fabric might be really nice! Love the leaf stamps you made! You are getting a lot out of your classes and it shows. That's because you are doing the WORK!