Saturday, November 2, 2013

Old finish, new month

Looks like the last good weekend so we'll be busy finishing things up for winter.  Can't come too soon for me.  pant, pant

I got one more fabric that'll help make a cohesive whole to the wall hanging.  This is a shot of that early morning east sun and another son, a grand kiddie,  trying to copy cursive before he can even print.  He is a keener!

 I did a gluing tutorial for my DD#1.

This is a start on the lighter fun page in the booklet/card.  Hang in there and when life gives you lemons make lemonade kind of thing. ;)

The scrap book page challenge was indeed a challenge and a bit rushed.

And because I have showcased two grand kiddies I thought to give equal time to the third who made a necklace for her Tia Laura (DD#1) and was so pleased with it she is keeping it for herself!!!  I like to think of it as a prototype!  LOL 


Leanne said...

I love the frosty picture showing the fields that go on forever. Your wall hanging is looking good, as are the cute youngsters.

What Comes Next? said...

yes, the wallhanging is looking good - lovely fabric selection. I understand the schools aren't even teaching cursive any more - what a shame - glad he's a keener and will teach himself! One always needs to make a prototype, or two, before giving something away. Lovely shots!

Createology said...

Winter is near and our nights get longer with the days shorter. Very cute littles you have. "Prototype" is too funny. More time to create... said...

LOVE that view out your window!! ooh the frost on yellow is so pretty. You are so creative with paint! happy almost winter... still raining here.