Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The next thing first

I once heard a children's story about a spoiled prince who was sent to live with a dame in the countryside who made her living raising geese.  When he began to be cooperative and asked her what he should do, she said, "Do the next thing first.".  I just thought that so profound.

The problem is that being a procrastinator. I usually operate in crisis mode so I'm not sure what should be next.  I also find routine kinda boring but as I get older I can definitely see its value.

So what IS next?

Besides laundry, that is.  lol

I have some UTEE experiments to analyze.  I want to look at line. I 'get' line but I hadn't quite seen it as direction.  I am realizing I like a grid format but I'm definitely not symmetrical.  So while I was playing I was also thinking about lines, grids, and direction.

First, the UTEE.

I have no melting pot so I want to use stamps and an embossing pad.   That is pretty straight forward with the clear UTEE.  I need to add some coloured glazing but what if the UTEE was coloured?

So...   I needed some alcohol ink but Distress Ink in wild honey appealed so I used that. 

My large foam rubber stamp was really too big for the amount of UTEE I'd made and I began to realize the coloured crystals were a bit damp.  Drying would be good but I was impatient and for the last (top) spiral I pressed the sticky stamp down onto the UTEE.  Better.  But the most fun was using Distress stamp pads and glimmer mists.

The lighter star used squeezed lemonade distress ink and Tattered Angels Chalkboard in apricot.

The darker stars used antique linen and rip tide glimmer mist.

After I swiped the distress pad over the cardboard stars I sprayed with the glimmer mist and let it dry.

I embossed with clear UTEE and then heated it.  Add a second coating of mist.  I added Perfect Pearls, just because, and made sure I had lots of droplets.  Then I reheated the star and the mica kinda sinks into the liquid UTEE.  The dark stars are pretty classy but I also wanted to try lighter effects.

These samples used 3 different distress inks but I was liking the Perfect Pearls mist.  There is a lot of variations for the player.  The colour of the card stock, the stains, the mists, even the UTEE.  Lots of fun and most of what I learned came from googling!  Jennings 644 was especially helpful.

I also googled grids. I use the law of thirds, The Golden Grid, lots.  I can further that by breaking my page into 2" grids, keeping the golden grid in mind.  Very interesting.  But I also discovered that grids can also subdivide a page vertically and horizontally into margins, columns, inter-column spaces, lines of type and spaces between blocks of types and images.

I went searching for this fabulous book I found thrift shopping.  Look at the what ifs....

A good friend, Meredith, has invited me to play along with a Fibre Optics Group in Calgary.  The very next thing on my list is very often playing!  I will be looking forward to Foggy Tuesdays!  :)


Createology said...

Playing should always be next. I have not heard of "Do the next thing first" and I really like the idea. I shall be following Foggy Tuesdays. Love that beautiful book. Creative Bliss Dear...

Dandelion and Daisy said...

I've never tried UTEE but you are getting some fine looking effects with it! Keep playing, my friend.

Threadpainter said...

My fibre group has a 'play day' every six weeks … I so look forward to the freedom to mess about without any stress.
Have fun with the Fibre Optics Group !