Thursday, November 21, 2013

101 Following the Line

As I  study the lines on my paper of things I need to do and consider what comes next I am realizing that line and direction are very much related.  I know line is probably the primary element in design but I hadn't thought much about direction. 

In seeking to "do the next thing first" I realize I am really seeking direction. 

As I study a natural principle I hope that it can be applied practically in my day to day life.

I think the dot is the first element but as I move it I get a line happening.  Aimless doodling can be a warm up but it is more profitable to commit to a direction.  And that direction should have purpose, a focal point, if you will. This crosshatching in thick acrylic paint is all about lines but I don't see a direction.

This week I was thinking I'd walk the line.  Ha! It has been the kind of week for a quicker pace.  I've been breaking into a fast trot! 

I had a full house for Creativity 101 and today I felt like I needed to step up the pace to a run.  :(

For my own study I'm wanting to do some copying so I can learn mixed media techniques.  I won't share the link as this is no testimony to a lovely tutorial.  Haste makes waste.  So I shall knock back to a well paced walk and redo this tomorrow,  paying attention to drying times, controlled splotches of paint, and thoughtful results.  This was a good reminder that I need to enjoy the journey, the process.  I do believe I'm finding a pathway!  Now if I can just hold that line!  ;)


Createology said...

Looks like Creativity 101 is all ages...start them young dear. Play is good for the soul. We are having gale force winds here. Hugs...

Leanne said...

I am glad you are finding the right pace for you. It always looks so fun at your house.