Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wow: What if...

I had been studying the overall look of the fabrics for the wall hanging these last few weeks and I'm pretty satisfied with it.  At least I thought I was!

I started with a hand dyed fabric and coordinating gradients.

Originally I'd thought to do half of the blocks of hand dyed fabric and the other half would be from the coordinating fabric which I cut in three strips and I also saved two narrow strips to divide the three sections.

 Then I started to see a scene. :O  So I started adding some Bali's with leaves.

But I began to wonder what would happen  if  I broke up all the fabric.  Would I get a smoother diagonal flow and spread the focal point over a larger area?  It had started to look a bit like a bulls eye to me.

So moved the flannel backed table cloth from the dining room wall and began to transfer the layout on my new design curtain. 
 The left hand blue doesn't work, too blue.

 The right seems jerky.
I might need to take out that splotchy one that is third down on the right altogether.  ???  I had thought I was happy!  lol

I am still wondering what if...  So I tried a bit more.  Quite fun and I know I can tweak forever sew I'll be doing some final sewing before next Wednesday.

I will press the seams open so I can do some leaf stenciling. What if I made my own stencils and masks!

I really am sewing.  I didn't get the baby quilt basted but the binding is picked out.  I made my three white curtains to cover my stash bookcases and serve as design walls.  I'm delighted to have that done.

I also made curtains for the laundry room open shelving.  I even managed to match up the main horizontal sections in this Ikea fabric.  :)  Once this wall hanging is together it'll be the sitting room sheers.  What if I don't have any more curtains to sew?  lol

I wonder if The Needle and Thread Network participants are also wondering what if?


Pam @ Quilting Fun said...

I like it. All of it. The colours, the gradients, the blotches, just all of it. Can't wait to see where you finally end up.

M-R Charbonneau said...

Your gradation piece is looking great, Elle. Keep experimenting if you aren't happy with it yet though. I've found that when I'm patient with my pieces I end up being thrilled with it in the end. Love the baby quilt too!

Createology said...

Looks like you and Nina are getting lots of sewing done. Great job on matching the Ikea fabrics panels. Making progress and it must feel wonderful dear...

Bret Lee said...

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