Saturday, November 23, 2013

FFF I've only just begun ...

To focus, that is.

Very interesting week.  I've learned a lot.

To do the next thing first requires a focal point.  Charging off is all well and good.  I am really quite good at that.  And I do generate a lot of dust and accomplish things. But to run to a specific and well defined end is entirely new to me.  Ding Dong.  That is me schmucking my head with a rubber mallet! lol

Oh, I do like blogging.  It is my journal, my inspiration notebook, my technique book.  My Learning Book!  whoo hoo!

This week:

I spent a fun day learning a new technique that will put more options in my mixed media arsenal. A day with the focus on finished things and not finished projects was inspiring.  I have things to browse through to finish wips!  :)

 The quilt top and backing for Jolina is ready for basting and quilting. I think she enjoyed herself in class.

I hope she learned good things from her elders.  lol

I learned to go slowly and intentionally.  I redid the technique page in my journal and I have better control with a brush than smooshing with my finger.  I am intrigued to continue the study of lines, grids, and columns.

 I am delighted to post that I finally got those design wall curtains sewn and up!  I'm feeling calmer already.  lol 

Not exactly finished but I did some texture on white card stock.  I need to clean my stencils better.  Then I thought to actually colour the modeling paste.  Now I need to patiently learn how to keep from smearing things!  I don't think you ever really finish learning!  :)


Leanne said...

I love the design curtains and all the other fun stuff you have been playing with.

Createology said...

Great recap of a week filled with PLAY and finishes and those uber cute Littles of yours. Wonderful design panels that add such light and calmness to your space. FFF...Focus, Fun and Finishes! Serene Sunday Dear.