Friday, November 8, 2013

Flinging Friday Far!

I lost my lemon!  I need it to make lemonade!  I put it in a safe place so I wouldn't lose it. I should know that that is the nemesis to more seniors than I care to name. :(  So first thing,  I flinged/flung was garbage.  That was rather satisfying and helps build up the muscles and not to mention the enthusiasm to fling Murphy.

Found it! Hmm, I thought it was different!  lol  I shall keep on and see what else I can find.

I also found a few ideas to fling around as I was sorting!  I do like making tags.

Categories sort of defeat me.  But too big a conglomeration stalls me.  I need two more of these Rubbermaid containers.  I measured the height of their future shelf.  ;)  My tags, envelopes, and labels are together.  My words and letters  is a big one.  And then  flowers, shapes and 'nouns'!  lol  Gee, I'm finding lots of ideas.

Then I stopped to fling myself down into the basement to vacuum up the baking soda from the electrical fire so our dumbness isn't quite so apparent. :{  The official well/pump fixer needed access to all parts of our well, deep down in the ground and behind the cobwebs by the panel box! ;)  We are getting all new components, including electrical.  yippee

I feel just fine in spite of my broken tooth which Murphy kicked as we were flinging him out!   I think Murphy is gonna have to find someplace else to trouble! 


Dandelion and Daisy said...

Such a busy lady you are. Don't you hate it when you put things in a "safe" place and can't find them again? I always say, they are SAFE from me, 'cause I sure can't find them. Where does all this stuff that gathers in our craft rooms come from???? Darned if I know ;).

Createology said...

Mr. C thinks I am the only one who "puts things in a safe place" only to not be able to find them. Thank you dear. Sorting and organizing your crafts is very cathartic and fun to find goodies. I see the lemon...lemonade coming up. Let's make it sweet and keep Murphy far far away. Thankful for the well repairs. Sorry about your tooth. Damn that Murphy! Wonderful Weekend you deserve...