Saturday, December 27, 2014

At the table!

The Holiday Brunch was a great success!  I do enjoy setting a table.

We had an art lesson around my daughter's table as we assembled gingerbread houses for holiday decor.

I'm sure the property values in the neighbourhood will go up as each year brings improvements! 

Some secret presents were made around the art table.  They turned out great and were well received!

Eliana decorated the Christmas Eve table and she dressed me.  No photo! She wasn't quite satisfied as my shoes didn't have high enough 'sticks' at the back.  LOL  Oh, and a few more candles were added as the meal approached.  The ambiance required more! :}

We had one more time around the table at our daughter's and again ate way too much.

But what is a holiday without eating and children???  :)

And presents, of course!

At the end of the day it was agreed it would get a thumbs up!!!  :)

And now to sit down at my work table and begin to plan for the coming year.  One thing I know,  there will not be quite so much eating and a bit less sitting!  ;^)  Happy Holidays!


Vicki W said...

Eliana would totally disapprove of my no-stick shoes! That's a really cute story.

Margaret said...

Loved it! My "children" are 29 and 34...but it wouldn't be a full-fledged celebration without them either. Happy New Year, elle!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I may never get caught up on your blog, since there is always so much content. But I'm enjoying reading about your fabric shenanigans, as well as your decorating bliss.

Of course, all these tables and tablescapes made for a great holiday. And I'm sure children added to the magic of the moment, too. Happy, happy belated Christmas, dear Elle.

Createology said...

Oh Elle this is just what the holidays should be together enjoying handcrafts and food and making memories. Too funny about the shoes and "sticks". Many Blessings for 2015 My Friend...