Friday, August 21, 2015


 Summer is throwing curves

Sometimes very hot!
Sometimes really cool!
Some things adapt amazingly!

But the barn roof is done.  And the trees are all planted.  Now the grass needs cutting  before we start cutting barn boards.  Well, and a quick trip through the flower beds as the weeds like all kinds of weather. lol

Company came and we had a respite from the physical work.  But not from play which for some can be hard work!

Not any sewing but  I did browse through 2 new books and can't wait to move ahead on the series for square in a square.  :)

My gal has her first apartment and we've been fixing it all up.  So fun!  No time for mixed media but we are laying in a few things for the fall and the ideas are percolating!   This year we are focusing on shapes and stories and we'll carry that over into Art 101 with the grand kiddies! 

I always have time to read. It may very well be my premier hobby!   :{  I believe if we feel well,  we do well and I could be doing/feeling better.  So I am back to tweaking my diet and daily supplements.  I have never been actually tested for Gluten Sensitivity but felt better avoiding it on a doctor's recommendation.  I have to own up to some cheating because I'm 'only' intolerant.  vbsigh.  I need to find out for sure because our minds believe all kinds of things. VBSigh.  Why settle for okay when GREAT is better!

Now that I have sorta briefly brought things up to date I need to get ready for some unexpected company. But company is always good, right!  I must tell you that there will be nothing brief about the Rooster's list when we wave goodbye to guests and summer and face Fall!

And that's the news in brief!  :)


Margaret said...

Ah-h-h-h...your summer has been full and rich, and that's as it should be! LOVE your roses (mine have been crazy too!)...and the plans for Your Gal's apartment.

Happy times! :-)

Createology said...

Great news dear. Looks like your Summer has been a very busy one and you have rolled right along. The barn looks great as does every photo of your great outdoors. I have been beyond neglectful with my outdoor spaces due to our lack of water and my lack of a good back. Summer Smiles...

Vicki W said...

It sounds like you are having a really fun summer!