Monday, September 21, 2015

This week

Another busy week but our weather has just been exceptional.  We are having a lovely fall!  :)

The counter is still pretty covered with stencils and papers.  First I need to put all that away but at least it is grouped into similar categories.  Notice I do have my cutter station cleared for action as I want to make better use of my die cuts.

Then I need to mess it up again as I lay out lesson plans for my gal and the grand kiddies art 101.  We will be working with water soluble markers and water brushes.  Once a month we'll take a sketching field trips so we can explore our theme of shapes and stories.

I have joined the techie generation.  Everyone at work relates by texting.  They are going to offer classes on how to use the mobile phones and guess who will be front row and centre!!!  I'm also rereading The Artist's Way and hope actually to do it!  So there will be some learning curves ahead.  :{

The barn has its first coat on the three sides.  Next week we'll get back on making the doors and covering the windows for winter.

It is  unfortunate that none of the huge changes are visible from the kitchen window.  But we definitely can anticipate next year's finish which will see a door into my workroom and lovely windows to let the light shine all over.  :)

First thing on the to-do list is to return the long ladder.   I'll stop to smell the roses,  savour some sweet cantaloupe, and then get busy.     Here's to a great week!!!  :)


Createology said...

Art play makes for a really great day. Looks like you are poised and ready for all this week holds in store for you. Texting Guru? I don't even have a smart phone. Creative Artsy Bliss Dear...

Jo Ferguson said...

I've tried working through the Artist's Way a few times. Each time I learn something new about myself. I'm in the middle of organizing my home, it must be a fall thing that makes us want to organize.