Friday, September 4, 2015

What I learned this summer!

I would like to share an AHA! moment from the summer.

Seth Apter is a friend to the creative community.  I so enjoy his blog, The Altered Page.  He reposted a popular post and it is called The Studio Table.  There are 123 links to artist's work spaces.  At about the 100th link I finally 'GOT IT'.   Creativity is not really a neat process. :O   My fixation with having a photo ready site for blog posts is killing me creatively.

Vicki, at Field Trips in Fiber hosted a  Real Studio Tour.   I participated and revealed my sewing, here, and here ,  But don't think I was convinced and I don't think I was honest in that I was influenced by the fact that this was going to be a photo op for the blog.   But the biggest factor is that because I spend more time organizing than creating and I am one frustrated gal. :O

I am not a neat freak because I can live happily with shutting messy drawers and pressing overflowing closets closed.  But there is a point where counter clutter and table turmoil gets to me.

But I still can't quite bring myself to publish ugly.  vbsigh  So I'll be taking photos on the clutter free dining room table.  lol  And I'll be trying to be more creative while trying to ignore my regular ugly clutter.  I will clear things from the edges because I need at least a two foot square working area.  I will put big objects in front of avalanching piles, shut doors and close as many drawers as I can because sometimes they become level surfaces! :(

Perhaps when I'm expecting company I'll make a Do Not Disturb sign because after all,  I'm an artist at work!  ;^)


Createology said...

I am never a neat freak with my spaces...however once I spend my time and energy cleaning and sorting and organizing then I do not want to mess it up again. Alas, I find myself in a messy space without realizing I messed it up being creative. The circle goes round and round.

Jo Ferguson said...

I have the same problems. Finding a balance is the key but I think that's part of the journey. I'll always be as much of a work-in-progress, as what I'm trying to create.

Beth said...

Clever! When I am working on a project, it looks like a bomb went off. But I must stop, clean and organize the space before the next assault. I don't care who sees my mess. That's what work looks like. If folks are offended they can always NOT come over!!

Jo Vandermey said...

I don't mind a mess when I am in the middle of creating... but i also enjoy the puttering of cleaning up a mess. Sometimes it is just therapeutic to put it all into order again. Fortunately those moments don't happen to often.

Leanne said...

There is nothing wrong in taking your photos in a tidy spot, with good light, that is what everyone does. I simply don't have time to be that tidy or organized in my creative space, I'd rather use that limited time to make stuff.

Seth said...

Thrilled to know that the images in this project led to an aha moment. The Internet can be a beautiful thing.