Friday, April 1, 2016

April- No Fooling!

  Here we go again with the white stuff.  I'm not sure how March came in but whether it was a lamb or a lion it still hasn't decided what the ending will be.  The joke seems to be on us! :)  But then maybe a nice clean slate is a good idea! 

In reviewing my failed attempts for my first ambitious quarter, I am taking my KISS motto back to basics.  Fabric is my first luv and collage is a close second.  Stitch it all together with words and maybe I might have a story to tell.  And here I go again, no fooling!   8^)


My name is Erika. said...

Our April has started quite warm but they are saying tomorrow that is all going to change look like yours. I think your storm is moving east and then down through New Hampshire. Oh my. I have that Stitch Stories book and I love it. Hopefully it all melt soon for you. Hugs-Erika

Beth said...

At least it is spring in your house!!!

Createology said...

More snow just to let Moher Nature SHE is in control. Enjoy your warm indoors and read to your heart's content. When I try to condense my hobby life I always go back to my very first and forever love...fabric and beads!