Friday, April 8, 2016

Time lost

Getting the grand kiddies Smash books up to date made me realize how far behind I really am.  Somehow I lost an whole month.  gee!

Everything seems to be yes, no or maybe so.  This applies to Spring, health and energy levels.  But it is definitely time to embellish and move on.

 Josh spent an eventful week and I had to add pages.

Eliana packed in a lot of good stuff during her stay.

Jolina was a part of some important decisions.

We have pages for all the important holidays.

And some of the everyday life stuff!

They have some room for personal reflections.  But it is time to move on because the swimming suits are replacing the skates and the calendar pages are a flipping.   Now what is next???


Createology said...

Being sick is no fun and t is exhausting. Happy to see you are feeling better and getting those Smash books caught up. Swimsuits???

Nita said...

I'm not sure what smash books are, but I think recording your grandchildrens visits in albums is absolutely brilliant.

Beth said...

You've really been making up for lost time