Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Showers of...

We are finishing up November with showers.  Showers of rain and showers of snow.  Kinda makes for messes and messier driving!

Work is progressing on our new approach.  They are working in all kinds of showers!  THE 'man' assures me they will 'fix' up the yard.

The weekly memories have been recorded.  This will be a great blessing when I flip through the pages in the future.

I added two more signatures to a journal I had made at the beginning of the year.

I stiffened up the spine with a piece of book board after I added the extras.  It fills the spine better.  I also gessoed everything. 

This journal will reveal my archetypes.  There are seven main traits and 3 secondary.  So my seven signatures, totaling 60 pages should do it.   I will have lots of room to explore all my possibilities.

The pages are an assortment of papers but they are all neutral, ranging from white to black and include textured papers.  The inside covers have a feather motif which works well for me as a mystic and a story teller.

I watched one of the last videos on the Wunderlust website,  Funky Journaling and was very inspired by Joanna Grant.   Lots of ideas for Art 101 as well!

 Then this morning I got positively pumped by watching Cheryl Arkison on The Quilt Show talk about Improvisational Quilting.  I met Cheryl through a virtual red hat blog, mind you she had pink status so she was a princess.  I stayed in her home during a retreat she and Meredith co-hosted for some of us.  And she lead me down the blogging path.  This link is good for one week!  HIGHLY recommend it!  Thanks, Cheryl! 

Showers of blessings is how I interpret this weather!  :)


Createology said...

Showers of Blessings is very appropriate. That is quite a mud swamp however I am certain they will leave it better than before. (Fingers crossed). You are really excelling with your journal making and completing. They will be such treasures in the future. Stay safe from slipping and sliding.

Threadpainter said...

Elle, you always put a positive spin on things ... Showers of Blessings;' is not a term I would ever use when the weather is damp, dreary and wet !!! Full blown snow (strictly my opinion) makes me much happier, hate the damp. We're patiently waiting for the white stuff here in Ontario ... it's close ... howling at the back door you might say ;) Your journal looks great !

Frances Arnold said...

So glad that you are thriving thru your showers!! It has finally started raining here....the last was over 2 months ago. I love your commitment to journaling. I always plan to start, but it never happens. Maybe someday!!!