Friday, November 11, 2016

Leaves are still turning!

We are breaking weather records with this very warm November.  True,  many leaves have fallen.

 But my Canadian Explorer rose has just unfurled four very red buds!!!  Nice for Remembrance Day!

The calendar flipped over amazingly quickly.  The new year will be upon us in no time and the pages of my story will continue to unfold. 

october's last week.
november's first week

 I lost a bit of ground with an early cold but I am back to flipping the leaves in both planner books.

I did manage to edit the last of my piles of mixed media papers and stickers.  Huge relief to have that ALL done!  I have finally embraced function as more at least as important as form so it isn't exactly pretty but it is user friendly but not too ugly.  ;^)

 The Rooster is happily stirring pots in the kitchen on his day off so I made some progress on getting August finished.  I am starting to get the hang of this.  Plastic photo sleeve for each month.  A coordinated bunch of papers or stickers.  And a plan that involves KIS!
Since these aren't exactly planners I should turn over a few ideas of what exactly to call my stack of memories.  hmm, The Memory Keeper!


Beth said...

Beautiful roses. We are freezing here in Maine already.

Frances Arnold said...

So sorry that you were sick. I also had the dreaded bug but fortunately felt well enough to spend time in the studio!! Your pages look wonderful and will be great fun to look back on!!

Createology said...

Thankfully you are feeling better dear. I got my annual flu shot last week. Fingers crossed! We are having a lovely Fall also. Leaves raining down every day. So much work to do as we prepare for listing our home and property. The signs went up and I was both excited and having my tummy doing flip-flops. We still have a long unknown ahead of us. I like "Memory Keeper".