Monday, October 31, 2016


I think it is the glues fault!   I bought two glue sticks after carefully ascertaining they were the better deal than the 4 sticks on sale.  gee, who knew my hobbies would actually make me thrifty!  lol  But then I lost one so opened the second.  The first would turn up.  Not happening and when I almost lost the second I realized I needed to clean up.  Which in true elle fashion became practically an whole room makeover. 

My diary/journal/planner is really helping me learn my style.  I am actually excited about the progress I'm making on my pages.  Usually I have the urge to store the whole thing and start all over again.  :{

I am determined to keep art projects in this small room but it was kinda crowded.  I should put my rolling cart which seems to get covered by stuff, out in the hallway. UH,oh!  That is a slippery slope!

So as I move through the room mess, I am sorting and simplifying.    KIS!
I could switch the smaller mixed media cart for the bigger metal cart that holders supplies and the cutter.  Ah, an easy fix.  :O

Then I changed the order of some of the drawers.  The cart blocks the lower drawers so I put the hardly used items in the bottoms and the more popular drawers up higher.  Again, an easy fix. 

I'm finding shallow drawers are the best.  I have two old Ikea cupboards, four drawers each. One Ikea unit has been great for the bigger sheets of paper, sorted generally in warm colours, cool colours, multi coloured and neutrals.  I need to give the bits and bobs the same consideration as they are the cause of piles and avalanches!
It just needs to be a bit more easier to use so I don't keep dumping extras into piles and then piles into boxes and then...

 I can't believe how easy that was!   It practically sorted itself.  lol

It seems that the family members albums I have on the go are Snap- two hole page systems.  They get one drawer for small jogs to my memeory, card stock, plastic photo sleeves,  and anything with a vintage look that would work.

The grand kiddies work in three hole binders.  They will get one drawer and all things cute and colourful.  :P

My happy planners are an whole other system and I bought the punch and ring system to make buying planners obsolete.  I hope!  It gets one drawer and is my personal drawer where I am putting away what I particularly like.  ;^)

That leaves the top drawer for all the bits and bobs!  The good news is that as I find more stuff I now know where to actually put it.  woo hoo!

 Full confession.  I have a few containers for larger categories like my six inch paper packs, die cuts from my sizzex machine, all things foliage and flowers, metallics, as well as blank tags, folders, and small fancy envelopes.  But it was this small sticker stuff that was creating angst because it has a way of getting lost in the bigger stuff.

All this sorting and organizing seems a waste of time but I actually learn more of what I like and how I work.  So once again I am learning things and that is always beneficial.

The boundaries have been drawn.  Now to contain everything within them!  :/  

I am very optimistic as this worked when I needed to get a grip on my fabric stash buying.  Having a decorating plan for the rooms of the house and understanding my style has helped me say no to lots of fabric I only liked but would never use.  And if I absolutely have to have it, I buy a small Fat Quarter!

So if it is nostalgic and is three hole compatible, I'll get some.  If it is cute and two hole compatible I'll save it for the grand kiddies.  If it fits my new diary/journal/planner mode I will consider how much space I have.  And anything I have no use for right now I will send home with the grand kiddies who are coming for Art 101 later this afternoon and staying overnight.  shhh!  Don't tell their mum!  lol

I am working on a blog makeover and I am determined to stop the sporadic playing and settle down to purposeful playing.  I have a little bit of everything and that makes it hard to focus.  Knowing that we will be selling the farm and buying a new place has been the impetuous to re evaluate, re organize and release what is redundant. The farm chick may not be moving uptown but it'll be different!  It makes sense to have a more focused content for the new look.  This is taking a bit longer but I am determined to be ready before I press the launch button.  New Year's resolutions are already happening.  LOL

So again I am exploring my possibilities and injecting  some common sense into the dream.  It is all good and all part of this wonderful creative journey that crept up on me so unawares but has been so welcome!  Never mind 'again'.  The best is yet to be!

And BTW,  I found the glue!  :)


Createology said...

I am so right here with you. Sorting and organizing for me is actually like a treasure hunt and I love when I "find" things I wanted and had already purchased. Today I cleared my slate and it felt really good. Keep up the good work my friend. We both have a goal in mind...

Threadpainter said...

Whew ! I am tired just reading what you manage to do ! I haven't made a stab at my work place for a long time ! But you are an inspiration !
We, too, have made the decision to move within the next 2 years, so I'd better get cracking ... that time will be up before I know it :(