Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Teaching KISS

Lets not get Complicated!!!
Keeping Things simple and smart is a bit of a learning experience.  Hopefully I have the basics figured now.

In the morning we do art.  I want them to begin to like and explore journaling.  So after we sing a few choruses of "If you're happy and you know it   ... (clap, stamp or shout) ...   then your art is gonna show it!" to get the wiggles out, we journal the past week in word or pictures.  30 minutes of do your own thing.  I help with some spelling but proper grammar is not the goal.  ;^)

Next we follow the Art Stories book and I supplement with the Usborne Book of Art Ideas.  (Such great books from this company)  One, messy, learn by doing project that isn't necessarily a 'keeper'. This is the bulk of our time.  And we all, and I mean ALL, come away having learned something. 

After clean up,  I pass out a limited number of tools that relate to the class lesson and we make a journal page.  We are still struggling with focal point.  I tell them their page must tell a story.  I think we are on to something!  :)

  This was our art lesson.   Josh shows his first attempt.  Eliana is showing both hers and mine.  Jolina  did remarkably well with only a little help from me. 

Josh did his exercise;  evaluated the results and asked to do a second which even he could see was done with more finesse!  His are on the left.  Eliana tried a different example and can't resist personalizing whatever she does.  :)

 I had found an old black and white picture of Joshua and Eliana.  :)  Josh's story takes place in a forest!  I am still trying to emphasize pre planning but...

Eliana is about framing pictures in tape or glittery ribbon and flowers. Lots of flowers!   She is my messy girl and has a flower stamp imprint on her left cheek which she has no idea of doing!  Her quote says never ending affection for her brother.  Might be worth remembering.  lol

Jolina's page improved after a bit of instruction on which side of the stamp to press down!   :/

After lunch their mother and I tell them how to 'do' recess.  I remember swings, teeter totters, double dutch skipping but mostly just endlessly walking around the building with my chums!  GO!!!!

An easy afternoon during which I read and they colour a picture I have photocopied and enlarged. 

Three kisses for three, simply, sweet students!!! 


rtquilter said...

Hi elle! What a GREAT thing to do with little ones- or BIG ones! I love seeing children and big people too, engaged in DOING things. You deserve major credit for this! Well done!
I have finally made a new Blog post - which includes pics of a beautiful hollyhock . If you have a minute, check it out and see if it looks like one of yours. It is either yours or Margaret Blank's . I think you both soo much for the seeds. You'll see what happened on my blog! Thanks again and congratulations again on a VERY cool idea!

Frances Arnold said...

These kids are going to have such fun memories of spending days with you!!! My husband and I have made it a point to not push our kids to have children but I have to admit that I am getting ready to have Grandkids to play with!!!

Createology said...

Three super sweet and creative Littles! Joyful lessons.