Thursday, October 27, 2016

Here a little. There a lot!

Less is definitely better!  I am looking for the happy medium for my planner pages.  :O  This is last week's journal page.  The paper isn't too suited for the really wet mediums.

 Then I am also working on the previous months.  I need to keep the two pages on my work table at the same time but the back of one was drying.  :P

 Not there yet!  I need to think small and subtle!  sheesh!  Good thing there are 52 weeks in the year.  I am gonna need them!

oh, boy.  Now we have 'spotty'!!!  And I am mixing cute and vintage.  :/

Perhaps I should keep my mind on one job only.  Kiss???  It just seemed a good idea to sort ephemera at the same time since I am looking through stuff. lol  I 'edited out' the overflowing baskets!  This post has enough uglies in it!

The last few nights and even during today's lunch and coffee break, I have been going through magazine stacks to see what I should keep.  Isn't this timely!  Now to apply this to my planner pages.

Perfect may be an exaggeration but it is only loosely stuck down.  August was a busy month so we'll see how this goes.  A little more thought and a lot less enthusiasm to use up my stuff!  At least that is the plan for the planner!!!  :^)


Createology said...

I can't even keep up with your posts...let alone make any of my own. Every day just evaporates without me accomplishing much of anything. At least we are having wonderful rain and the gloomy gray day fits my mood. You are amazing with how much you accomplish my friend!

Frances Arnold said...

I really like your idea of being creative in your planner. I am normally so glad to be able to cross things off that I dont even THINK about creating. Maybe I need to add it to my "to-do" list!!