Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Can one have too many containers???

Of course this is only a sample of the small, clear, plastic containers.  I like to have my clutter contained so therefore I have containers. 

I have discovered that cute boxes don't work.  I need to see what is inside. 

So the plastic storage towers are my preferred method.  My sewing room is full of them.  They under gird my cutting table where all my sewing supplies lurk. (It also means I can lean on the corners of my table top!)  They will also categorize my new passion, fusing collage shapes. 

They hold all my threads, my embroideries and its paraphernalia as well as my needle felting supplies.

The odd shapes that began my collection are now hiding out in my sewing closet where my big boy storage containers rest.

Now if I can just contain my enthusiasm for collecting containers of any kind!  lol


Mary Ann Tate said...

You can never have too many clear containers for stuff:)

Createology said...

HaHaHa...what a silly question! For those of us who like to try every possible creative craft we must have containers. Yes, I love the cutesy and pretty boxes, books and shapes of pretty containers, however it is the boring clear/opaque containers which are the true workhorses. I certainly do not have too many containers. I may however have too much stuff! Embracing Creative Bliss...

Beth said...


Threadpainter said...

I belong to the sisterhood of containers !
I even love small glass jars as well, whether they held jam, tapinade or beer jellies ... I just dont have enough 'stuff' to put in 'em !
Yes, I have the plastic towers ... thank goodness someone invented them ;)

Jo Vandermey said...

Sometimes I think we collect stuff just so we can buy containers! My buttons are in old jars, beads, thread, quilting rulers, collection of cutting tools are all in plastic drawers, Then there are the fabric bins in the ikea bonde shelves. The small containers to hold Te separated beads. The project boxes to hold the wips. The bins with paints and the photo copy boxes with misc fabrics - non quilting. The clear boxes with wool....am I forgetting anything.
I probably am but I wouldn't know because it is stuffed in a box.
I love containers! But what came first? The containers or the contents?
Oh and I forgot my trusty labeler is in a plastic drawer shelf so I can make new labels when Ido the reorganization of all those containers!

Have to agree that I love pretty boxes but I can keep stuff organized better in clear containers.

Frances Arnold said...

The drawer containers under my cutting table are also used to give additional support to the corners. I think that it is a good way to multi-purpose!!!