Friday, October 14, 2016

It might not be pretty

I did start with getting my planner up to date.   I got a good start.

The thumbnail or tiny wallet sized prints on my computer work well to give the reminder and a feeling of what was happening.  I have too many per page but we were making memories and that couldn't be helped.  But I figure three shots per week in the future.  They fill and add something nice. Adding photos, bits and bobs, etc.  to the penciled activities jotted down as the week progresses makes this an effective diary.  When I forget to pencil I just add more art!  Works for me.

The little school/blog planner isn't terribly detailed but is great for cleaning stamps, brushes, and trying new things!

Obviously it wasn't too hard because my mind began to wander.  I got to thinking about my blog and the changes I'd like to make as I head into the future.  A future I see as a time of transition. (says she as she tries to make sense of photos in realty ads)   I want seasonal blog headers.  I have always intended to do that but...

If I do them all at once they will be ready at the click of a finger depending on my memory of how to make the changes.  lol
In the middle of the repetition of print and glue I let my mind wander.  ;^)   And before I knew it I was experimenting.
Here's a hint but it didn't feel right.  Darn, I don't have a bare wall even after simplifying!  This was my third seasonal try and I guess you try with what ya got until the AHA! moment comes. 

So I shoved some more furniture around.  Then I started all over again to gather accessories.  Loads of fun but gosh, what a mess.  Then I double, tripled and I am on my way to quadrupling the mess.  

But revealing that bright idea will have to wait for another day because I gotta get back to TNTF


Frances Arnold said...

Don't you just love "A-HA" moments!! Cant wait to see your new idea!!

Createology said...

Now I realize how you stay so slim...moving furniture! Tiny photos are a great way to notate what the day was about. I just cannot force myself to get into any daily calendar/journal/whatever! I did find a blank floor under my studio desk today...HOORAY!!!

Beth said...

I too excel at making a mess!!