Friday, October 7, 2016

Back again to KISS

So easy to get side tracked!  So easy to forget where I was and what I was doing!

artists with differences
the youngest usually surprises
the keenest is fearless and messy
the oldest careful and precise
Keep it simple students.  KISS.  
I was reminded of this simple principle as we had Art 101.  I gave the grand kiddies a little demo on mixing watercolours and then turned them loose on the colour wheel. I let go the outcome and and the time clock.  I let go and I think we can call the day successful! 

I will continue to let them have an half hour for their planners first as it settles them in. I will try to remember that these are 'their' planners and their 'art'!  Keep it simply stressless!

And speaking of planners...

The unplanner did not work for me so I have dispersed it to the grand kiddies.  There is tons of tutorials and suggestions on the site.  The focus is on prep and I am no front runner.  I am more likely the tag end trying valiantly to cross the finish line.  They have lots of examples and suggestions.  I mostly play catch up.  Although they are helpful and have tons of ideas this particular way is just not practical for my life and style.  The emphasis on the unplanner is art so there are lots of modifications, improvisations and general messing around before one actually plans.  I am not organized enough to do the before stuff in advance of the due date.  lol   I tend to jot down events.  Some before but a lot after.  Then I fill in the blanks with all the ephemera that I collect to help me remember.  lol   

Therefore the Happy Planner has turned out to be the one for me.  I put in important reminders but it functions mostly as a diary.   I also had gotten the smaller size with a Michael's coupon thinking I could adapt it for something like a note book.  But it has the printed calendars for 20016/17 just like my big one.  :/  It makes economic sense to use it for a project planner for my blog and the kids art/literature day.  phew!  I jot down general checks of where I need to be in the year's class plans. I write down blog theme ideas. They both let me pencil in stuff and then fancy it up at a more opportune time.  

 Still- so easy to get side tracked!
The Next Thing First is to get them up to date.   Because I have quite a few to do I will have to do that but with a KISS in mind.


Frances Arnold said...

I used to think that MY way of planning and organization was the only way but I quickly learned that we each have to find our own way!!!

Createology said...

Actually planning of any kind does not work for me. I try to journal/plan/calendar but none of it is right for me. My days are never my own annd therefore I must remain very flexible and available. I am happy with things just as they are...mostly. K.I.S.S. Is a great mantra.