Saturday, October 29, 2016

I see!!!

The best investment in on line classes for 2016 has been Wanderlust 2016 from Everything Art.  I quickly realized I am not interested in the all the extras but I await with bated breath the weekly post and Friday morning I was hardly into the first 10 minutes of the video when I realized I needed to look at the orientation of my journal/planner pages differently.  And that wasn't even what the focus of week 28!  lol

I did know to limit my 'stuff' but somehow when things are as messy as they are at this moment...

While I am naturally inclined to asymmetrical and diagonal orientations, I have been fixated on the double page grid and its left to right linear orientation and grid.  I see that a bit of fixing is necessary.

Cute flower gone
Break up all that stenciling

Get the theme paper on all pages- somehow
The photo sleeve page breaks up things
Much better.  July is done.  Still too busy but my teeth are no longer clenched!

August is next
First page is setting the forward motion.  Here's hoping we don't have another run away cart!

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Createology said...

I do believe you are having at least some fun with your journal pages. I was writing notes on our monthly calendar to keep track of all the constant chaos around this house and hubby said, "What are you doing? Making that a diary?" Men...what can I say...