Thursday, September 29, 2016

50 to 100%

 Next up on my The Next Thing First list is my wardrobe.  I have been buying art supplies rather than clothes and I am practically nek ked, not to mention out of style.  :O

So I looked for my notes from Marie Kondo's book.  I have no idea where they might be so I turned on you tube.   Ha, I won't have that much!  But when you put E v e r y t h i n g on the pile it is shocking!

My goal was 50%.  Because I rate shopping for clothes very low on my must do list I tend to have less rather than more. I knew some would be quite worn and some may even be too old to be labeled 'classic!   It went real quick.

Not sure if I actually made 50% but it was close.  I put the plastic shelving unit in where a shoe rack was.  I pulled it ahead for the photo.  I put  my small stuff and jammies I had in the dresser way on the other side of the room which was inconvenient.   That dresser now has some seasonal stuff and my sheets.  The shoes are up where the sheets were.  Quilts and pillows are above.  Much handier as I can dress quickly and all in one spot!

I  don't need lots more.  I have been wearing old worn stuff and ''saving' the good.  :(  I am short on dresses and was shocked by all the sweaters and sweatshirt jackets.  Obviously I like tees!  I did need unmentionables, a pair of closed toes shoes for summer/fall, a winter coat and a few good tops.  Skirts I had to buy last year.  I do have my new garment sewing book and I will be making things.  So..

I had hoped to have a lovely photo of new clothes but I blew the budget on the unmentionables.  sheesh.  It has been a while since I have been to the mall and it has really changed.  I took a break and decided I had spent enough.  But I will be back!

My first stop was not for clothes though.  I have long been looking for a typewriter and good ol' Michael's now carries one.  I have been waiting for a 50% coupon and there was a 50% coupon as a one day special.  :)  Unfortunately the fine print said NOT including the typewriter.  But it and some paper stuff for it was on sale and really, I have been looking for a few years.  I have fond memories of banging away on my Dad's old one while I played office and then graduated to school papers!   I am doubly thrilled it came in something besides pink and it makes me smile just looking at it.  This is definitely an 100 percenter!!! 

Moving the old plastic shelving to the bedroom closet was a brilliant idea.  Unfortunately when I was emptying the drawers  I saw I'd created a problem because the new tower I got for my fibre art threads turned out to be narrower. Only 50% of the stuff fit. :{    That means that the needle felting supplies need a new place.  What to do????

I shuffled things around in the sewing room closet and I got another 50% of storage space.  Gee, whiz!  I may have to go back shopping!  :/

Oh!!!  I can type up the next shopping list!  Feeling 100% better already!  lol


Frances Arnold said...

You are amazing!! Do you hire out????

Createology said...

Excellent job dear. You are miles ahead of me in the closet/clothes department. Shopping at the mall makes me crazy as the prices are so high. As for unmentionables...It almost takes a mortgage to buy them. Love your new typewriter and the fun you will have typing on it. I still have my IBM Selectric II.

Margaret said...

A typewriter? Be still, my heart! I am a touch typist (our stenographer mother insisted) and I find screens and phones without proper keyboards very frustrating. Also, having to plug in my printer to my lap top to print something out. And I am terrible at producing labels. I might just need to get a typewriter again (gave away my old one decades ago; probably shouldn't have!)

Laura McGrath said...

I've been wearing 3 pairs of jeans for about 10 years now and all of a sudden they are all falling apart and have holes in very inappropriate places, so I had to break down and go shopping for new ones yesterday. Jeans all have girls names now, instead of looking for a particular style, you have to find a name. I just don't get it, I don't think it's cute or fun--it's just annoying. Shopping for clothes is absolutely the worst thing I can think of.