Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Back to school

I enjoy teaching my grand children.  Truth be known; I probably learn more than they do!

They are keeners!  Joshua is in grade 3.   Eliana is in grade 1.  Jolina is a tag along and hasn't officially started.  lol

I am 'the art department'!  And this year I am the Literature Appreciation department as well.  Not exactly sure how I went from pre reading their books to teaching them to appreciate them but...

Last year's Smash books are done except for extra embellishments and space has been cleared on the bookshelf.

The planners are in the old binders and now I need to figure out how to save/store the old ones.  There is only so much room on the bookshelf their mom/teacher tells me.  :O

We only had time for a short story about Nancy and the artist before lunch and recess.  But the Smash books are done so next week is colour mixing which pleases them.

In the afternoon we switch to reading.  The photocopied drawings from our book study are going to work well.  We got 3 chapters read before it was time for swimming lessons.

I made lots of notes for things I forgot to do/bring.  A few modifications and  I have the next month up on my work space.   I think we have made a good beginning.


Createology said...

I think you are an excellent teacher and what adorable students you have. Looks like they will keep you on your toes so they don't get bored. Grade A Dear...

Sketchbook Wandering said...

You and your students are very very lucky!!!!