Thursday, September 22, 2016

How the plan turned out.

I had blogged about making my sister a planner/colouring book at the beginning of September.  Planning 

 And of course, procrastinator that I am, I needed some help to meet the deadline.   DD#1 and I had spent the day in the bookstore and now we needed to pack up for the trip to see my sister.  One advantage of working quickly for me is that I don't overthink everything. The general plan was already laid out.  So we just added all the finishing touches.  The fun part actually!   Working with what I had for papers and keeping in mind some of her favourite things resulted in a fun planner with corresponding colouring pages.  I came up with an idea and Laura searched for the appropriate sticker or paper.  And to give her all credit- two heads are better than one!

Music and movies!  Now I wish I'd considered whether Sunday or Monday should come first on the planner pages.  :}  But it is only to the end of the year and changes can be made.

The theme paper is baby blue with coloured butterflys.  September shows off purple and favourite tv shows.  The colouring pages were simple to get her stared.

October welcomes fall and I was glad to see orange butterflys included.  How cool that her favourite movie stars were in the same movie.  :)  These colouring pages were country themed.

I chose patriotic colours as Remembrance day happens in November.  Our Dad was a veteran and she talks about him lots.  The butterflys are getting chilly but there was some bits of red.  The colouring pages pick up on poppies and other flowers.

I had some plastic page protectors that I refolded to make fit.  There is one for each month with ideas for adding photos or filling with memorabilia.  I did include extras in her zippered pouch.

And December leaned toward blue and snowmen because we already had red.  Laura was surprised that I didn't have lots of Christmas paper but I tend to avoid the seasonal stuff.

I do think it is going to be fun for her.  She laughed at the idea of colouring but I did notice that although she is a talker, she got kinda quiet as she considered her options.  I really do hope she plans on having fun!


Createology said...

You are so very thoughtful and this Planner gift is wonderful. I believe your sister will enjoy every page of personalized LOVE.

Frances Arnold said...

Your planner is such fun. I love that you added her personal likes into it.