Sunday, September 25, 2016

Falling behind, no no NO!

Fall is upon us.  My fall anemones have been in bloom for some time.  I hope they continue as I wait for the daisies, turtle heads and monkshood to join them.  But no time for slacking.  Winter is coming and I have every intention of being up to date and on top of my game.

So it is back to The Next Thing First.

Art 101 and Literature Appreciation start Monday, Sept. 26.  I need to return the last school journal and set the plan for this coming school year in motion.  DD#2 has a calendar for the school kiddies.  So I won't be making them a smash book this year and frankly they are incredibly labour intensive (times three)!  But they do have their planners and at the beginning of every month I shall hand them a monthly calendar, extra pages and a plastic photo sheet.  I will still print photos for them.  They will be on their own.  And that will be in the spirit of KISS!

I am also determined to contain journal planning in the one room it is allotted to.  It forces me to keep things a bit more organized and tidy.  I am happy to report that I stayed within the space and stayed relatively organized.  The floor has cut scraps but the only piles are under the appropriate stool.  :)

I was happy to discover I wasn't quite as behind as I thought I was.  Only 2 months and summer holidays.

 All the photos are glued and I'll take stickers and stuff for personalizing.

The planners need a front page for the year.  Since we are starting late I didn't print the monthly calendar.  Just photos and some blank pages.  Next month should go quicker as I have things set aside in a drawer just for the kids.

September is all gathered together and ready for putting into the Grand Kiddies binders from last year.  They are all different in their styles and personalities so I try to customize somewhat and hope as they mature this will be less of me and more of them.

My printer has run out of yellow ink.  :(  I still need a few more photos but I put slips in for reminders.  There is the front page with the date.  A personal page like the stuffed animals for the youngest and then a few photos of the cousins from late August.  Then the September divider begins this month.  I photocopied the divider from my Unplanner which hasn't proven to be my own favourite way of working so...

Josh's colour matches the original Unplanner.  The girls can colour their copies which will appeal more to them.  Again, a  plastic photo insert, some one sided designer paper and a lined sheet for notes.  And hopefully, away they will go!

 And October is gathered in the drawer and;  pant, pant,  I am caught up!  woo hoo!


Jo Vandermey said...

Wonderful feeling!

Margaret said...

I agree with Jo! I've been out of town and working so many extra hours at my "day job" that September has I too have been feeling as if I were falling behind. Blessedly, when -- as you have -- one steps back and takes a good long look, one's not as behind as one thinks! Happy Autumn!

P.S. My Monk's Hood bloomed in August. How do you get yours to bloom so late?

Createology said...

You are amazing to keep track of three Littles and their individual preferences. School begins and let the lessons flow. Your flowers are very pretty.